About the 1st Batt 75th MilSim Unit


We take trainings and operations very seriously and silly. We are a MilSim/RealiSm unit that are recuriting potential members to join us! We respect everyone that comes onto our servers! That includes the public, private, website and Teamspeak 3 server.

ZERO Drama Policy

We have a ZERO drama policy in the unit. This includes on any of our servers! If you have a problem with another unit member, please talk to your NCO or the highest ranking member in your fireteam.


Every role in a fireteam has a special training. Our training staff will work with you personally to fulfill your role in a fireteam.


We try our very best to show video or picture content to public members that are interested in joining.

Flexible with Everything

We will personally schedule your trainings to fit your needs. This includes your Basic Combat Training, AIT, and RASP. We are extremely friendly and yes, we know that you have school, work, or practice!

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How to Join

The process is actually fast and simple.

Use the left and right arrows to navigate.

mouse click

Submit an application linked below.



We will get back with you as soon as possible! We will contact you through Steam!


Connect to the TeamSpeak 3 Server.

micConnect to Server

Must have TeamSpeak installed.

When you come on, please message one of the MEPS Recuriters. The MEPS Recuriter will go ahead and do the interview process.


Game on!

micConnect to Server webForums!

Must have TeamSpeak installed.

Welcome to the unit, private! You will be assign tags on the teamspeak and in-game!


TeamSpeak 3 Server

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Forums Page

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